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We are looking for partners who can:
1. Can create informative blogs, videos, digital courses, webinars, podcasts, etc for their audiences or can do direct b2b sales.
2. Can reach out to marketers or every corporation or small business owner focused on SEO, content strategy, and content creation because these are our ideal users. 
How the application process works:
1. Apply below.
2. Our team will review your application over 5 business days.
3. If accepted, you will get an email to sign into our affiliate platform so you can start marketing AllinWriter and earning commissions.
If we accept you:
1. You get access to our affiliate community
2. Quick support.

3. 20% recurring commission for 12 months for each referred customer
4. Level up your recurring commission at 25% and earn more bonuses once you refer 175 customers, joining the AllinWriter Gold Affiliates Program.

5. Special bonuses or level-up to more special programs for partners who prove their performance.

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